Steel wire

Carbon steel spring wire

Standard: GOST 9389-75, EN 10270-1, DIN 17223
Diameter: from 0,30 mm to 8,0 mm
Application: used for the manufacture of springs wound in a cold state and not hardened. It is used in the furniture industry (production of mattresses), mechanical engineering, instrument making.

Carbon steel wire for the reinforcement of prestressed concrete construction

Standard: GOST 7348-81, TU U 27.3-136-004-2003, DSTU ISO 6934-2: 2010
Diameter: from 3 mm to 5 mm
Application: used for reinforcing reinforced concrete structures. It is used in the construction of buildings, structures, bridges, overpasses, highways, in the manufacture of railway sleepers and electrical supports.

Welding steel wire (uncoated, copper coating)

Standard: GOST 2246-70, ДСТУ EN ISO 544, DSTU EN ISO 14341, ТU U 322-4-392-96
Diameter: from 0,8 mm to 4,0 mm
Application: used for welding (surfacing) in a shielded gas environment, intended for mechanical welding methods in semi-automatic and automatic welding machines.

Galvanized steel wire for cores of conductors

Standard: GOST 9850 – 72, EN 50189:2000
Diameter: from 1,75 mm to 4,5 mm
Application: for the manufacture of cores of bare steel-aluminum and steel-bronze wires.

Low carbon steel wire for general purpose

Standard: GOST 3282-74
Diameter: from 0,30 mm to 6,0 mm
Application: for reinforcing concrete structures. Used in construction.